Epping Forest Contemporary Condo Makeover

This beautiful condo remodel is located in the serene Epping Forest part of Jacksonville. From the kitchen to the laundry room, the dark tones of the wood can be found echoing throughout this gorgeous home. The dark wood flooring used in the kitchen, balances out perfectly to the lightly colored granite countertops and the white cabinetry. The living area and the back patio allow for an unobstructed view of the St. Johns River. The master suite also has an unobstructed view of the river and is a wonderful and spacious room.

Remarkable Renonvation in Ponte Vedra

This condo renovation located in Ponte Vedra, would be every ocean lover’s dream! The kitchen and dining area are done in a modern style with flat cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a singularly colored countertop that matches the rest of the kitchen. The master bath boasts a spacious dual vanity with a beautiful countertop, that matches the bath deck on the tub. The bath area walls are covered in a colorful ocean themed wall paper, with tile flooring. Additional wallpaper that can be found throughout help to reinforce the beach vibe that permeates in the home.

Stately St. Johns River Condo Remodel

This condominium remodel exemplifies some the incredible design elements that are capable through Sport Nobles Construction. The open concept allows for perfect view of the St. Johns river from the kitchen, dining area, or living area. The master bedroom boasts dark walnut flooring that balances out the light walls and gray tones. The Spacious master bath shows what is possible when applying modern elements, to an otherwise classic ensuite. The kitchen was designed to be the heart of the condominium and what a wonderful heart it became! The intricate design details transformed the space from old-fashioned to modern and classy. The cool gray cabinetry picks up the hues in the multi-tone backsplash. Granite countertops, new fixtures, and new appliances finish off this sleek new design.

Beautiful Beach Remodel

This beautiful beachfront home received a whole home remodel that included the kitchen, living area, master suite and ensuite, and entry area. The kitchen received a face lift including new granite tops, a new sink, and new fixtures. A spacious was added pantry was added and the kitchen now offers plenty of space for cooking and entertaining. Old built-in furniture was removed from the living area allowing it to be opened for a more comfortable space. The master bath was brought up to date and a granite deck was added to give the soaking tub a more luxurious feel.

Five Points Face Lift

This Five Points area condo received a much-needed face lift throughout the home. The black and dark grey tones used in the ensuite offset the white cabinets perfectly. The hardwood floors throughout the condo pair well with the traditional white cabinets in the kitchen, as well as with the soft blues used in the living area. The unobstructed view of the river allow for a truly unforgettable view.

Fabulous in Five Points

This condo, located in Five Points on the St. Johns River, received a renovated kitchen, great room, hallway, and office. This condo enjoys an immaculate, unobstructed view of the river from the great room, kitchen, and dining area. The renovated kitchen now sports stylish countertops that work well with the new cabinets and bar area. The office was renovated and now has the organization and space to be every working person's dream.