Phase 1

Your Vision

Defining Your Vision For a Design, New Construction, Renovation, or Addition Project

It’s all about the relationship between you and your vision. In other words, we want to hear about all of your ideas, thoughts, and dreams so we can make them a reality that fits functionally, as well as aesthetically, into your life. At the end of this meeting, we do our best to help you set a reasonable budget to control the costs of the next phase. Your home is a direct reflection of who you are and the lifestyle you enjoy — and this phase is when we get to know both.

Phase 2


Work Begins

Bringing Your Concept and Vision to Life

After our initial meeting, we typically have a good understanding of your vision. At this point, we build the team that will handle your project and get started on the details. For starters, we will do a study on the design and engineering, and create a schedule for this process. This phase exists to make sure we have an accurate budget to achieve your goals.

Phase 3


Creating Sketches/Drawings

Drafting Working Drawings and Construction Documents

This phase consists of your hand-selected team of professionals doing their part to make your project everything you want and more. This is where the fun begins — with your finished selections. We try to be as creative as possible while maintaining the quality, integrity, and commitment to excellence that our reputation carries, while also keeping structural, aesthetics, and functionality at the forefront.

Phase 4


Breaking Ground

Construction Starts

This is the phase in which everyone, especially the homeowner, gets excited. All the preliminary work to define, research and design your vision will now pay off as your vision becomes a reality.

By this phase, we have hand-selected our professional subcontractors to work in conjunction with our construction management team. We’ll make sure all the selections are ordered and on their way to feed the job as the schedule dictates, and we work to keep the team on scope, budget and schedule.

Phase 5


Site Meetings

Regular Meetings and Monthly Reports

This phase runs consecutively with Phase 4; we like to call it phase four-and-a-half. This phase is truly field-generated. In-person meetings are scheduled as needed to discuss certain issues or concerns throughout the project. This is also the phase in which monthly meetings are scheduled to discuss the following items:

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Scope
  • Activities/issues to expect this month
  • Activities/issues to expect next month
  • Budget report
  • Project risk management status
  • Scope change status


Phase 6


Welcome Home

Your dream home awaits you! This is the phase that we all have been waiting for, especially you and your family. Our relationship will be taken to the next level and morph from business to personal. The close relationship we develop with each client is the reason for our success.